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15 Unconventional Beer Bottle Openers

15 Unconventional Beer Bottle Openers

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When you're stuck without a opener, don't panic — household objects can fill in

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You may not always have an opener handy: learn how to open a beer bottle using household objects.

Watching Eva Giselle pop open a cold beer with her Apple adapter got us thinking — what else can we use to open up a cold brew?

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We know the moment of panic: You're relaxing at the barbecue or you're settling in to watch the playoffs at home, and you realize that you're missing the key ingredient for imbibing — the bottle opener. Before the panic truly sets in, there's hope: tons of household objects can substitute as a bottle opener in a pinch.

Some are more handy than others — who doesn't have car keys or a dollar bill on them? — but others are a bit more tricky. Personally, we recommend using the chainsaw and eye socket as a last resort to open up a beer, as they're by far the most hazardous options.

While we can't personally demonstrate how to whip out the fondue pot to crack a beer open, we've rounded up the best how-to videos to demonstrate how. Better start practicing now, in case of an emergency.

Watch the video: 15 Unusual Ways To Open A Wine Bottle!


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