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Portland's Burnside Brew Co.'s Version Of Boozy Brunch Isn't For The Faint-Hearted

Portland's Burnside Brew Co.'s Version Of Boozy Brunch Isn't For The Faint-Hearted

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Move over mimosas, this brewery is changing up the brunch game by introducing beer pairings to its hearty morning fare

A popular dish to pair with a cold beer is this brewery's savory chicken and cornbread waffles.

Anyone who lives in Portland, and even those who don’t, know how much Portland residents love beer and brunch. Usually these two aren’t matched together, but Burnside Brew Co. has developed a fantastic pairing menu for its weekend beer brunches.

Burnside Brew Co.’s chef Jimmy Askren is elevating brewery food and his brunch menu is particularly reflective of that. Askren delivers an exceptional brunch menu that still maintains the aesthetics of pub food. It’s a hearty, rustic spread that strays from the common delicate egg dishes and frittatas, instead opting for dishes like fried chicken and cornbread waffles, croque madame, and even a Hot Brown, which a rare dish in this city. A Hot Brown consists of Texas toast topped with roast turkey, tomato, and thick bacon, which is then covered in mornay sauce. Savory items dominate the list, though there is a thick cut brioche french toast for those looking for something sweeter.

While Bloody Marys and other brunch drinks are available it is still a brewery at heart. Each dish has a suggested beer pairing selected from Burnside’s excellent rotating tap selection. The beers pair beautifully with the satisfying, rustic breakfast food in a way they would not have with lighter fare. It might be strange to drink an Oregon IPA or smoked sour with your breakfast, but it’s certainly very Portland, and delicious.

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