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Haladeț (Lipovenic cooling)

Haladeț (Lipovenic cooling)

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Fry the pork legs: burn any hairs, cut the hooves. Sounds a bit sadistic !? :))

Wash and cut each pork leg in half.

The brush is washed, cut into two pieces.

Boil in about 7 L of water.

Add 2 whole onions, 1-2 bay leaves, peppercorns, coriander, 2 tablespoons salt.

Boil everything for about 2 hours, at the right heat.

Remove the meat.

Strain the soup for the first time with a sieve to remove coarse pieces of meat or spices.

The resulting liquid is strained 2-3 times in sterile gauze to remove the fat as well as possible.

The pieces of meat are deboned and placed on trays; cover with strained soup.

The colds after they have cooled and coagulated, cover the plates with cling film and keep cool.

Good appetite!


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