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Easter Egg Hunt Party Tips for Every Age

Easter Egg Hunt Party Tips for Every Age

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Host an Easter egg hunt party for your kids no matter how old they are

et those Easter egg baskets ready for the ultimate Easter egg hunt party!

Easter egg hunts are a great way to engage the entire family in Easter Sunday fun. Kids of all ages will love getting involved in fun projects like making their own Easter eggs, designing egg baskets (paints for the older kids, stickers for the younger), and even Easter egg relay races. However, to keep the party fun for the whole crew, you have to consider which age groups will be in attendance.Your 10-year-old probably won’t have a great time if the game centers around an activity only a 4-year-old would love. To help you plan the perfect Easter egg hunt, we devised some key party planning tips that are each designed for kids of a certain age group. Let the games begin!

Color-Coordinated: Ages 2—4
While Easter egg hunts can be a fun way to help the kids burn off the sugar from their Easter baskets, they can get kind of competitive. A little healthy competition is great for young ones, but a kid with a lot fewer eggs in his or her basket could experience a disastrous meltdown. When the kids arrive, present them with their very own specifically colored Easter basket. Instruct them to collect only the Easter eggs that match their basket's color. This way, you can keep the hunt fair and conflict-free.

Cooler than Candy: Ages 5—7
Sure, all kids love candy, but do they really need more after attacking their Easter baskets? At this age, you can finally start to incorporate smaller toys and baubles without the fear that they’ll find their way into your little ones’ mouths. Head to the dollar store and pick up fun prizes like plastic rings, green army men, or Silly Putty — we promise that no matter what little gifts you choose, the kids will be overjoyed to
find them!

Beyond the Backyard: Ages 8—10
At this age, you're lucky your kid is even willing to participate, so you have to make it fun. Instead of the standard hide-and-seek method of tucking eggs away, turn it into a scavenger hunt that takes them up and down the block. Divide the teams up by color and have them seek out the coordinating eggs. Hide clues in each egg that lead them to the next spot and loop them back to the house. The first team to arrive can claim their prize!

13 Unique, Fun, and Easy Ideas for Easter Egg Hunts

While kids always seem to enjoy a typical springtime Easter egg hunt, these awesome ideas for Easter egg hunts are extra special!

Because I know your life is busy, each one of the these egg hunt ideas is easy to put together and carry out! No special crafting skills required.

And they’ll work well whether you’re planning for a small family egg hunt or for a larger group event.

Free printable Easter games for kids

To make your Easter egg hunt extra fun, download and print these cute printable Easter games from the Jen Bradley|MOMs Free Printable Library! You can use them while your kids are waiting to start egg hunting, take up some time as guests arrive, or while you reset egg hunts for different age groups.

Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that I may make a small commission if you click through or purchase at no cost to you. For more information, click here.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

  • Art Supplies (think crayons , coloring books, paint sets , construction paper , etc.)
  • Craft Kits (local art studios around me are selling pre-assembled kits making it easy to support local, you can also purchase craft kits on Amazon )
  • Games or puzzles
  • Jump rope , outdoor games or anything that will help keep them active or sidewalk chalk for outdoor fun
  • Something to help us look forward to summer! ( sunglasses , beach towel , swimsuit , etc.) or a new movie
  • Foodie gifts ! Do you have a budding little chef? Get a box of cupcake or cookie mix with some frosting and put together a little cupcake decorating kit for them! This set would be perfect for a little girl!

There are so many ways we can still be creative at home while we celebrate Easter!

Order a few things now so they arrive in time, print off your Easter Bunny poem and scavenger hunt clues and make the most of this holiday at home!

If you&rsquore able to, please consider ignoring every single link above and ordering something from a local small business in your area!

I know many small businesses in my town are offering contact-less delivery or have online shops set up. You may be able to find nearly all of these things from a small business owner who could really use your support right now!

Click on the items to download:

Easter Bunny Poem

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues

Blank Scavenger Hunt Cards

I hope everyone has a family-filled and memorable Easter holiday this year! We&rsquore still planning on trying to keep it as normal as possible with our monkey bread for breakfast, ham dinner and bunny butt cupcakes for dessert! It will be much smaller, but it will still be filled with love!

Easter Egg Hunt Party & Printables

Pin Me!!

Our youngest turns 2 right around Easter this year so I took that as a perfect excuse to throw an Easter Bash! 2 birds, one stone! Easter Egg Hunt AND a Birthday Celebration. They don’t know what they want at 2 anyways. Oh wait, yes they do. He spends all day making that very clear. But I digress, I’ve got some fun Easter party ideas, decorations, food and of course FREE PRINTABLES!

Easter Egg Hunt Invitation

Let’s start with the invitation. I sized them at 4X6 to keep printing them cheap (I print them as photos at Walmart). And as usual I will provide a blank template for you, or you can have me personalize it for you ($7).

Instructions to Personalize this Invitation

  • Follow me on Social Media, thank you! Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook
  • Download JPEG template (link at the bottom of this post) and save somewhere on your computer you can find it!
  • Open the JPEG in a photo editing program likeInstagram Highlights.

Easter Party Decorations

Easter Party Decorations Ideas and Printables

Bunny Banner

I went to TOWN with my new this pastel cardstock and then cut it into these bunny shapes from etsy. If you do this beware the bunny with one straight ear and one floppy ear, it made my banner all skiwampus until I figured out I should only string the straight ear and then it laid right. I added cotton balls for their tails, and cut “hudson” out with the cricut to add to the bunnies in the middle. Those cute stuffed carrots I found at in the Target dollar spot.

Balloon Garland

Believe it or not, this was my first balloon garland! I am not the biggest fan of balloons for some reason, but they look too much like Easter eggs to pass up for this occassion! I got this balloon kit on Amazon that made it pretty simple (not fast, but simple! haha). Its a balloon garland tape where you just pull the balloon through the hole to secure it in place. It worked really well, I had no issues pulling this together. The hardest part was hanging it up. I have it secured with some fishing line and 3M hooks (and one push pin). The balloon kit come with a balloon tier too, which ended up coming in handy because after a while my fingers really started to hurt. I’ll link to the actual balloons I bought down in my shopping list (it’s best to have at least two different sized balloons).

Dessert Table

Easter Party Decor with Cricut

On our dessert table we had some gorgeous cadbury egg cupcakes done by my talented Mother-in-Law, some raspberry lemonade (because those milk bottles make everything look cuter! Similar here), a fun printable (available at end of the post), pastel m&ms sorted by color (made my kids do that!), and some shimmer Easter grass in lieu of a tablecloth.

Easter Party Dessert Table

My kids always want to help with the party prep. Unfortunately they don’t want to do the things I really need help with like babysit their baby brother or clean up their toys. But they were ALL over the candy sorting for the jar.

For the full details and recipe for these delicious babies head over to Garnish & Glaze

Easter Brunch Menu

For our Easter Brunch we had a Waffle Bar with all the fixings. Links to all the recipes and printable food labels to go along with them can be found in this post. (That post is particularly about crepes, but I did all the same things we just put them on waffles this time).

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas & Tips

After force feeding the children it was onto the highly anticipated Hunt! I put a little twist on the hunt this year by filling a little less than half of them with these bunny buck coupons. After the Hunt the kids could use them to “buy” things from my Bunny Prize Store. I think it made it a little more fun for the kids AND greatly reduced the sugar intake. Win-win!

Free printable bunny bucks to spice up your Easter Egg Hunt

I had three baskets set up filled with items worth a certain number of bunny bucks. We had a basket of items that cost $1 bunny buck, a basket of items that cost $2 and a basket of items that cost $3.

Bunny Bucks Prize Store

It got a little chaotic trying to help the kids “buy” things from the store so maybe next time I need to have that part more organized (maybe have them go by age group).

buying a color changing straw from the bunny bucks store.

I got everything for the prize store from the Easter section at Walmart, we had ice cream bubbles, scented playdough, scratch and sniff stickers, candy necklaces, slime, putty etc.

Shopping List

Not completely inclusive, but here’s a start to get you on your way of most of the main items I purchased for this event:

Free Printables

I LOVE providing free printables for you, it’s not a Party Like a Cherry without free printables. And I SO appreciate when you pin my images, tag me on social media, and follow along. That helps so much in my effort to create more and provide better resources for you! Thank you!

Wowza! That’s a lot of free printables. If you would like something tweaked or altered/customized for your event, shoot me an email- [email protected]. Most customizations I can do for between $5-$10.

And for EVEN more Easter ideas and printables head over to check out this post.

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Teens and Tweens Want to Participate, Too

There they are. That awkward assortment of random heights, pimply faces, and ill-fitting jeans that we call teenagers—huddled together by the breakfast table’s Box O&apos Joe (well, they can&apost be seen drinking juice boxes, can they?).

The sun is shining, the colorful eggs are strewn like glittering jewels across the spring grass, and the neighborhood friends and families are gathered. The tots scamper about in their pastel frocks and bunny ears, bursting with excitement about the upcoming egg hunt.

But how about those big kids? It&aposs a wistful age for them. They&aposd probably never admit it, of course, but they miss this stuff. It&aposs hard growing up: puberty, dating, GPAs and SATs . . . and now they can&apost even hunt for candy-filled eggs! They&aposre either too old or too young—it stinks!

So here&aposs a cool solution we came up with for our teens and their neighborhood friends that was a huge hit. Not only is this super fun, but it encourages teamwork, sharing, and even helps them work on their math skills!

Big kids wanna have fun too!

35 Best Easter Egg Hunt Ideas That Everyone Can Enjoy

Of all the Easter traditions out there, there's one that might reign supreme: the Easter egg hunt! What's more fun than running around outside collecting brightly colored eggs filled with Easter goodies? Ree Drummond is no stranger to the annual tradition. She says they've hosted massive Easter egg hunts, spending hours each year filling plastic eggs with stickers and candy. "After church, we have an egg hunt, complete with cash prizes and the occasional backyard brawl," she says. If you're looking for some new Easter egg hunt ideas to try out, brawl or no brawl, then you've come to the right place. While some of your favorite Easter activities might be modified this year, there's nothing stopping you from this classic one! With these creative Easter egg hunt ideas for families, kids, and/or adults, you can come up with Easter games perfect for your household.

There are options for players of all ages, whether you're in need of ideas for toddlers to play or options that even adults will find entertaining. For instance, there are several Easter scavenger hunt games that kids of all ages will enjoy, perfect for getting them to do some exploring in their very own backyard. Or, for adults, try the game that fills the eggs with fun recipes to try! With so many ideas, all you'll need to do is put on some Easter songs and get to playing! Just make sure you have extra Easter candy on hand to fill the eggs and hand out to the winners. Or, you could always swap the candy out and fill your Easter baskets with Easter jokes, clues, or cold hard cash instead! These Easter egg hunt ideas are going to make this year's bash the best one yet.

Younger kids can have a hard time finding eggs. They tend to get easily side-tracked or frustrated, no matter how easy you make it. With this genius idea from Celebrations at Home, you can tie helium balloons to each egg, so that your child can see it from far away. Not only does a sea of balloons and eggs look inviting, it also amps up the festive feel of the holiday

If you are planning on having an evening Easter celebration, you can easily try this DIY Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt tutorial from Smart School House. All you need to do is place small, battery-operated LED tea lights into large plastic Easter eggs. You can add candy, money, or any other rewards you can fit inside with the tea lights. Not only will it make your yard look magical, it will be extra fun and exciting for the kids to hunt for these glowing eggs at night.

Easter egg hunt clues for preschool and school-age children

These clues are perfect for children aged 4 and over. Once you’ve downloaded the PDF, cut out the clues and arrange them in any order you’d like, hiding the eggs in the places described.

You can give your child one clue after the other, or hand over the entire list and let them hunt for the eggs in any order they like. Let your child take the lead, and ask them if they can have a go at reading the clues aloud too.

Select the picture to download these Easter egg hunt clues for older children, or click here to print a PDF.

20+ Amazing Adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Traditionally, Easter egg hunts have been reserved for kids: a way for them to enjoy the thrill that is finding hidden eggs while dawning head-to-toe pastels, baskets in hand. But who says adults can't get in on the festivities, too? Regardless of whether or not you have a sweet tooth that rivals the hungriest of candy-loving kids, or you're just a fan of a good time, there are plenty of fun ways to bring adult Easter egg hunts to life. From filling Easter eggs with money, to planning out elaborate and tricky scavenger hunts, to switching out the plastic eggs for real ones filled with confetti, you'll never have to wonder how to host an adult Easter egg hunt again. Some of these ideas even work for the whole family.

That said, Easter activities may look a little different this year, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to advise against large holiday gatherings, so instead of having the all 50 of your family members over this year (if that's your thing), you may want to consider keeping things a little more intimate. Whether that means inviting your quarantine pod over for Easter brunch and holiday-themed games or simply having an Easter party for those who live in your house, there are so many ways to safely keep the traditions alive this year, and without your typical day-long soirée &mdash arranging one of these adult Easter egg hunts is just the tip of the iceberg.

This Easter egg hunt works for kids and adults alike. Everyone likes to hear sweet words of encouragement, and receiving those adorable sentiments on a handwritten note? That's unforgettable.

There's no better way to celebrate Easter with your girls than with a fun manicure hunt. Each egg you hide features a different nail polish. Once all of the eggs and polishes have been collected, you can set up a spa day in the living room where you paint your own or each other's nails.

This game puts a fun little spin on egg hunting. First, you and your over-21 loved ones grab a Easter-themed cocktail, then look for plastic eggs, each of which as instructions about how many sips to take. You can even take it to the next level by slipping a few "Never Have I Ever" prompts into some of the eggs, and the person who has drinks.

Once you put the little ones to bed, looking for glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs is a great way to amp up your typical hunt. It's dark, it's spooky, and the glow-in-the-dark eggs will can be filled with whatever adult-friendly prize you want.

Get the tutorial at Lil' Luna.

Kids nowadays probably won't remember the classic 1970s film, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, so finding a golden ticket in one of their eggs may not register with them the same way it would with adults. The winner gets bragging rights and a chance to say they won the coveted golden ticket.

Get the tutorial at Play Party Plan.

Give your friends and family an excuse to pamper themselves (not that they need one) with these bath bombs. Instead of hiding plastic eggs filled with surprises, use these egg-shaped bath bombs.

Get the tutorial at Soap Queen.

The best part about adult Easter egg hunts? You don't need to stock up on candy that you're going to have leftovers of for weeks to come. Break these eggs on the floor for decoration or on your friend's head for fun. But be warned: You'll have confetti all over the place for, well, ever.

Invite your fellow child-less couples over for a fun relationship-centric scavenger hunt this Easter. One clue leads to the next and the next, until all of them have been collected. The first one to solve the riddle gets to bask in their win the rest of the day.

Get the tutorial at The Dating Divas.

Who wouldn't want to run around looking for the chance to win big? This is perfect if all of your participants are over the age of 18. And once the hunt is over, you can all sit around with your lotto cards, scratching them off and seeing if anyone is going to go home with a heavier wallet.

Jell-O is kind of like candy, right? And with whipped cream vodka added into it, these will make the perfect sweet adult treat. You can hide them all around and have your party guests seek them out and take the shots once they find them.

Get the recipe at Delish.

Even older kids could join in on this interactive, tech-filled Easter hunt. You can simply create and print out your own QR codes using websites like this one, and hide them all around the house. When you're creating the QR codes, you can have each one link to anything from a website to a photo, which will pop up on a phone when someone hovers their phone's camera over it. If you wanted to go the free route, you could have each QR code direct the finder to a picture with a cute Easter quote or festive joke on it, or for something with monetary value, it could take them to an e-gift card or an I.O.U.

If everyone is over the age of 21, hide small bottles of alcohol inside plastic eggs for a fun-filled boozy Easter egg hunt. You can even set up a bar with mixers so that people can craft their own cocktails afterwards.

Travel-size beauty products also make for great egg fillers if you're having an adult Easter egg hunt. You can use drugstore brands as well as a select number of luxury brands so that everyone will be scouring the space for those highly-desired items.

Candies are all well and good, but adults will really love searching for eggs filled with cash. You can have eggs filled with a few coins or bigger bills to keep things interesting.

If just using cash seems a bit too boring for you, you should consider hiding gift cards instead. You can pick get them at a variety of price points for a wide range of shops, cafes, or online retailers.

If you're dealing with adults, that means you can make things a bit tricker. Plan a scavenger hunt with a series of puzzling clues hidden in eggs that will eventually lead to a grand Easter prize.

If you have your kids around for the Easter egg hunt, let them be the ones who choose what goes inside your eggs and where they get hidden. They'll have a blast watching you trying to find them and seeing what's inside.

This great idea from Good Housekeeping is perfect if you have older kids. Let them fill plastic eggs with pieces of paper with their chores written on them. Any eggs the parents don't find means the kids don't have to do those chores. The kids will want to do a great job hiding them while the parents will do their absolute best to find them.

The fun childhood game will lead to an even more fun egg hunt. Fill all of the eggs with notes that have truths or dares on them, and once the hunt is over, everyone can go around opening their eggs and completing the tasks. You'll be cracking up all through your Easter brunch.

If getting outside and doing an actual Easter egg hunt seems like a little too much effort for you this year, then a yankee swap gift exchange is an amazing alternative. You can even have a rule that all of the presents need to be wrapped to look like an Easter egg!

For an easy, fun, and, best of all, practically free Easter egg hunt, you can fill a bunch of plastic eggs with folded up papers containing great recipes. They can be recipes of your own, or some favorites you pulled off of the web. And to take things even further, you can arrange to have a dinner party where everyone brings one of the recipes they found.


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35 Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas We Bet You Haven't Tried Before

If you're wondering how to host an Easter egg hunt, look no further than these egg-citing ideas.

So much comes to mind when you think of Easter. There's the church services, the big family meals, and of course the Easter egg hunt. Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, having an Easter egg hunt each year is always something to look forward to and something that really marks the holiday as unique and exciting. This year, if you want to amp up your Easter egg hunt a bit, try out one of these innovative Easter egg hunt ideas, which will put a new spin on the activity, even if you're a veteran Easter egg hunter. You can spice up your Easter egg hunt by including a variety of different prizes and notes inside the eggs as well as by changing up the way the game is played, whether that's by incorporating physical challenges &mdash for kids amped up on sugar from Easter desserts, this is a great way to tire them out &mdash or by having participants collect only a certain color of eggs. There are plenty of ways to make the activity more exciting and original, so if you're unsure how to host and Easter egg hunt, there's no need to worry, just try out one of these creative ideas.

Of course, things might be a little different for your family this year, given ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and regulations. But that's no reason to give up on your Easter egg hunt. In fact, it may even be more of a reason to keep the tradition going. Finding a reason to celebrate may help distract your family from the chaos and remind them that there is still some normalcy in the world. That said, if you do plan on hosting an Easter egg hunt for your family, make sure you're doing it in a private yard (or even inside) and practicing safety.

Instead of filling the eggs with candy (or in addition to that), fill each egg with a puzzle piece. Once you've collected all the eggs, the family can gather around the table to assemble the puzzle together.

Who says you can't take advantage of the holiday activity to teach your kids a thing or two? Fill each egg with a fun fact that your little one will remember forever.

Get into the competitive spirit by putting a simple physical challenge such as "Do 10 jumping jacks" or "run across the yard and back" inside each egg. The trick is that each time someone finds an egg, they yell out the challenge and the other competitors have to do it before they can go back to their egg search, while the person who found the challenge gets to keep looking.

Help teach your child about math and money by filling the eggs with different types of coins &mdash pennies, nickels, half dollars &mdash in increments that all add up to the same amount, so that they&rsquoll be able to see visually how the different coins relate to each other. Whoever said math wasn&rsquot fun?

Instead of candy, fill your Easter eggs with different spices (in a little container or plastic bag of course) and other ingredients and then once they&rsquove collected all the ingredients, gather together in the kitchen to bake one of your favorite easter recipes.

For kids that are obsessed with getting all dolled up, hide face paint or small makeup samples in each egg and then help them get sparkly when they&rsquove collected them all.

Incorporate the true meaning of the holiday into your Easter egg hunt by printing off and placing an Easter Bible verse into each egg. Read them all together as a family after the hunt.

Kids aren&rsquot always eager to listen to their parents, but you can sneak them some life advice inside their eggs. Who knows, they might save the little messages for a time they&rsquoll need them.

Instead of filling eggs with candy, write out fun activities like a night out at the movies or a day an indoor play place on pieces of paper in stuff them in the eggs so that your kids can claim them at a later date.

Put out eggs in every color of the rainbow and have your little ones try to locate one of each color to get a full set.

Let the kids play Easter bunny and hide the eggs for the parents. But instead of candy, the eggs are filled with special coupons to skip a chore, choose a special meal, or pick the film for family movie night. The adults have to grant whatever wishes they don't find.