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Chicken pulao

Chicken pulao

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In a large frying pan heat the oil and add cinnamon, cloves, pepper, cumin. Fry a little until they start to jump. Add the garlic and ginger and cook them a little. Add onion and cook over medium heat (do not burn). Add the meat, chilli powder and turmeric and mix. Add 2 cups of water (or clear chicken soup) and simmer (you can cover with a lid).

During this time, wash the rice and put it in water for 15 minutes. Drain it through a thick sieve. Add it to the food, when the meat is almost done.

If the juice has dropped too much, add more water (the liquid should be about 1 cm above the rice). Match the salt.

Bring to a boil, then simmer very, cover with a tight lid and leave for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave for another 10 minutes.

Serve with salad or pickles.

Chicken Pulao is also much lighter than chicken biryani, and it's absolutely delicious! If you're a fan of chicken and rice, you'll love this less popular one-pot Indian dish. And bonus, thanks to the pressure cooker it takes about 30 minutes start to finish! You can see more Instant Pot recipes here.

Guys, I love Indian food! I eat it every chance I can. So when I got my hands on the Essential Indian Instant Pot Cookbook (affil link) I was all in! This cookbook has so many great Indian recipes for the Instant Pot, including chicken biryani. But I wanted to try something different, something with ingredients that were easy to find and was so happy to make this.

I did slightly adapt it for my taste, I used less liquid, less ghee and less chile peppers but I & # 8217ll be honest, I & # 8217ve made this quite a few times because it & # 8217s really quite delicious. Although they recommend this for 4 servings, I made it for 5 because the portions were really large.

The great thing about chicken pulao is that it’s easy to adapt - you can make it as spicy or mild as you wish, and use whatever spices you prefer. The cilantro and squeeze of lemon at the end is a must, it really brightens the whole dish. And pictured above on the side is a simple beet raita which is a mix of cooked beets and yogurt.

Chicken Tomato Pulao

“A classic yakhni pulao is meticulously prepared by simmering basmati rice in an aromatic chicken, lamb, or goat broth,” says recipe developer and food writer Shayma Owaise Saadat. “Pulao is prepared in a myriad of ways, and goes by a variety of names in countries ranging from Iran to Afghanistan and India to Kazakhstan. I learned to make this dish from my aunt Nilofer, and I borrowed some of her techniques and spices to create my Pakistani-style pulao. In my version, chicken thighs are simmered in a spiced tomato base along with rice and whole spices like cinnamon and bay leaf. As a nod to my Persian ancestry, I added one of my favorite Persian pantry staples, lemon omani (a.k.a. limoo omani), a dried lime with a sour, musky, complex flavor profile. The beauty of this one-pot dish is that you can use other types of meat, and if you are a vegetarian, you can substitute chickpeas. This pulao is lovely with a side of cucumber raita, a Shirazi salad, or aam ka achar (mango pickle). Whatever your condiment or side dish of choice may be, I recommend eating the rice scooped up with your fingers. ”

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Note: Spices Set & # 8211For marinating the chicken. Spices Set 2& # 8211 Used while cooking the chicken.

  1. Chicken: Boneless Chicken Thighs or breasts cut into 2.5 & # 8243 chunks.
  2. Basmati Rice: Aged Basmati works best but it & # 8217s not mandatory. Use whatever variety you own.
  3. Store Bought crispy onion or homemade fried onion know as Birista.
  4. Yogurt.
  5. Dry Spices: Star anise powder, garam masala powder, turmeric powder, red chili powder.
  6. Whole Spices: Black peppercorns, green cardamom, black cardamom, cloves, cinnamon.
  7. Bay leaf.
  8. Ghee.

Pro Tip:Cut short the cooking time, use store bought crispy onions available in stores like Walmart and Kroger in the U.S.A. If you want to make your own homemade deep fried onions read the Recipe notes mentioned on the recipe card below.

Food in India (South Indian cuisine)

Did you know that coconut can be used in many dishes, not just cakes? That oil is extracted from coconuts and that it retains the pleasant smell of walnuts? That spices can be used with a spoon and not just with a knife tip? These are just some of the things I learned about food in southern India.

After 5 days of eating from the bag and cans, we dared to enter an Indian restaurant. It was happening in the Allepey, and from the way the surroundings looked, I didn't think we'd get out on our own. Kream Korner is not a traditional Indian restaurant and is probably the best business for tourists I have seen in India. It is a restaurant, art gallery and place for organizing events. Traditional Indian food is served in an atmosphere that we Westerners can digest. The place is crowded with tourists, and the food is good and cheap. I ate several dishes here: Gobi Manchurian (breaded cauliflower in a spicy sauce), Paneer Tikka Masala (pieces of sweet curd fried in strong spicy sauce), Sweet and Sour Vegetables (Chinese type), Peas Masala (green peas in sauce of green chilli and coconut, incredibly spicy), Paneer Kruma (vegetables and sweet curd in a slightly spicy coconut and cashew sauce), Vegetable Curry with chapati and Vegetable Fried Rice.

Manchurian Gobi (Manchoorion) with Vegetable Fried Rice, Tamil Nadu, India

Paneer Tikka Masa and Sweet & Sour Vegetables, Tamil Nadu, India

Paneer Korma (Kurma) and Vegetable Curry with rice, plus chapatti, Tamil Nadu, India

Vegetable Fried Rice, Tamil Nadu, India

Spicy pickles in Tamil Nadu, India

Varkala is the place with the richest and most varied offer of restaurants (read terraces). Here you can find pasta and pizza, Chinese or European food, seafood, vegetarian, whatever you want. We decided to limit ourselves to Indian food so we tried several restaurants and several dishes: Navarathna Korma (vegetables and fruits in sauce with many spices and cashews), Chicken Korma, Coconut Rice, Grilled Butter Garlic Tuna cooked in tandoor oven , Malai Kofta (mashed potatoes and hazelnuts, stuffed with cheese and served in a sauce of tomatoes, sour cream, spices and hazelnuts), Paneer Pasanda (cheese in tomato sauce with sweet cream), Fish Tikka (pieces of swordfish, Blue Marlin), Vegetable Paneer Pulav, Cheese Garlic Naan. And many, many fruits.

Navarathna Korma with Vegetable Fried Rice and mango juice

Grilled Butter Garlic Tuna with french fries and salad

Malai Kofta, Paneer Pasanda and rice with paneer

Fish Tikka (Blue Marlin) & # 8211 swordfish cooked in tandoori oven

A Chicken Julian (Julien) Salad european style

Small and red pineapples and bananas

In Kanyakumari, at Sea View Hotel, we served Vegetable Korma and Gobi Manchurian with Vegetable Fried Rice, Naan and Cheese Naan. Also here I noticed for the first time the habit of offering a kind of glazed anise after the meal, to refresh your breath.

Gobi Manchurian with Vegetable Korma and Vegetable Fryed Rice

Tirunelveli was the least touristy place we arrived. I could hardly find & # 8222true & # 8221 restaurants. Eventually we ate ourselves in a hotel restaurant, where we cautiously ordered Paneer Tikka Masala with Vegetable Fried Rice and plain Naan, served with a lassi sauce, onion and coriander leaves. On another occasion, in the same hotel, I ordered Paneer Manchurian, Stuffed Naan and rice.

Paneer Tikka Masala, Naan simple

Manchurian Paneer with Rice and Stuffed Naan

In Madurai, at the Saratha Rajans Hotel I had my first Indian breakfast for the first time. Dosa (a kind of pancake made from fermented rice flour) with three kinds of sauce: Sambar (a kind of aqueous potato dish with a strong taste and smell of asafoetida), Tomato Ginger Chutney and Coconut Chutney. Then Idly (a kind of steamed rice flour papanash), Pongal (pilaf with hazelnuts and raisins), some vegetable meatballs (Vada) with whole peppercorns and Samosa (a hot mix of potatoes in a crispy dough) .

Dosa with 3 specific sauces, Sambar, Tomato Ginger and Coconut Chutney

Madurai was a delight to the taste buds because we had the opportunity to eat mutton for the first time since we came to India: Mutton Masala, Mutton Kola Urundai (meatballs), Vegetable Briyani, Paneer Masala and Pulao.

Mutton Masala, Mutton Kola Urundai, Vegetable Briyani and Naan

We were also lucky in terms of sweets. Carrot Halwa (a sticky mix of carrot, milk, raisins, peanuts), Bread Halwa and the brilliant, indescribable, gorgeous Soan Papdi with chocolate (a kind of aerated halva with peanuts).

In Trichy I bought an electric mug and discovered the first supermarket. Now we have tea and soup at our discretion. However, we pamper ourselves from time to time. At Krishna Inn Hotel we had a fabulous breakfast. At lunch the waiter recommended Chicken Manchurian, Chicken Bamboo with Naan and Paneer Briyani Rice (a cheese pilaf, spiced). While waiting for our order we received Rosted Pepper (a roll made of thin coca with a lot of pepper).

I also tried food in the envelope. We do not recommend & # 8230

Chicken Manchurian and Naan

Chicken Bamboo with Paneer Briyani rice

Navaratan Kurma and Vegetable Pulao in the envelope

In the restaurant of Anapoorna Hotel in Thanjavur we ate Gobi Manchurian with Vegetable Fried Rice, served for the date in India on banana leaf.

Banana leaf plate

Gobi Manchurian and Vegetable Fried Rice on Banana Leaf

Also in a hotel restaurant in Chidambaram, I ate Paneer Tikka without sauce for the first time, that is, only pieces of cheese, seasoned and cooked on skewers together with vegetables in a tandoori oven.

Paneer Tikka with Vegetable Fried Rice

Paneer Tikka with Vegetable Fried Rice on Banana Leaf

In the beautiful Pondicherry I ate at the Asian House Restaurant: Mustard Fish Curry, Madurai Fish Curry, Veg Rice), then at the canteen of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram I tried Masala Dosa and Lassi (yogurt), and at Pizza Hut & # 8211 Cheesy Bite Chicken Pizza and I drank masala lemonade (lemonade with a spice mix). At Shantes Restaurant we served Aloo Gobi Capsicum, Cheese Naan, Briyani Pulav and Aloo Paratha. At Seagulls I ate Paneer Tikka.

Mustard Fish Curry, Madurai Fish Curry and Vegetable Fried Rice

Aloo Gobi Capsicum with Cheese Pulav, plus a delicious Aloo Paratha

Pizza Cheesy Bites at Pizza Hut, because we couldn't help it

In Mamalapuram we ate a very interesting grilled fish and then at Moon Rakers, Prawns in Garlic Sauce, Red Snapper, Gobi Manchurian and Vegetable Fried Rice.

Shrimp in garlic sauce, Tamil Nadu, India

Red Snapper (sea perch) with rice, Tamil Nadu, India

In Kochi, I exchanged experience in the kitchen. I cooked sauerkraut, zacusca and a tuna salad, and in return I received tapioca au gratin (with turmeric and coconut), coconut sauce and green pepper (chutney) and a vegetable stew in milk sauce / coconut served with puttu. Puttu is made from rice (a larger grinder, much like our cornmeal) slightly moistened so as not to form lumps, which are steamed together with freshly grated coconut in special devices. Puttu is usually served for breakfast with fruit and a drop of sugar, but it was also very good for dinner. Everything served only by hand!

Puttu prepared in a device made of coconut

Coconut shell device for Puttu (on steam pot)

Cylindrical puttu for large families

Indian and Romanian dishes

In New Delhi, a few hours before we left, we had a craving for something typical, so we threw in a & # 8222South Indian Platter & # 8221 and some Paneer Tikka. This was our last meal in India.

South Indian Platter (Indly, Dosa, Stuffed Naan with Sambar and Coconut Chutney)

Paneer Tikka with green chilli sauce

Indian food was excellent! No incidents, no burns, no indigestion. Everything is very spicy, very fragrant and very tasty. Significant amounts of saliva were secreted during the writing of this article, as we remembered the goodness & # 8222from there & # 8221. We have already successfully experimented with a few recipes at home and we know that we have been forever marked by this journey from a culinary point of view.

When we got home, we experimented a lot, and Adriana launched a separate area on the Travel Recipes site!

Cristi and Adriana

He is a freelancer well versed in IT and, at the same time, a designer, semi-photographer and beginner snowboarder. She is a beautiful girl, she carries all the hardships of the relationship, she deals with socializing and social networks, and, in addition, she cooks excellently. Together they make a good team because, relatively recently, they realized that there are still interesting things in life and besides the career, house, car, children and the bank account. Now they want to see the world.

Very, very interesting dishes and extremely adventurous journey. I would have an observation, if I may: the tree whose fruits are bananas is called a banana tree, not a banana tree. :)

The banana tree is actually a special dish for serving bananas :) Seriously, I think it's correct and & # 8222banan & # 8221.

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