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Vangi Bhaji or baby eggplant in Indian style New recipes

Vangi Bhaji or baby eggplant in Indian style

The eggplants are washed, wiped with a paper towel, then cut in four, lengthwise, from the top to the tail, but without detaching them completely from the tail (they will look like a kind of fan). Then sprinkle the inside with half of the vegetarian composition garam grated masala (I learned from Ajoy that it would be best to have this powder prepared some time before, because the spices & 34; make friends & 34; much better if they are let it sit in an airtight jar for a few days) The next step Ajoy recommends is that these baby eggplants be lightly fried in oil, but I, as I don't really use this method, have I prefer to grease them with a few drops of sunflower oil, then put them in the oven and bake.

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A Sanrio Character Café Serves a Pastry that Poops and Barfs New recipes

A Sanrio Character Café Serves a Pastry that Poops and Barfs

This restaurant in Hong Kong is Gudetama-themed and serves sweets that might make you lose your appetiteDon’t be alarmed, it’s just chocolate!You may have heard about the toilet-themed restaurant in Taiwan or the curry restaurant in Japan that sells poo-flavored curry. The next disgusting dining experience is a pooping pastry.

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Bar Crawl: Downtown LA New recipes

Bar Crawl: Downtown LA

View 150 Best Bars in America in a larger mapWhat can you expect from a bar crawl in downtown L.A.? An expertly mixed classic cocktail at the unmarked watering hole The Varnish to start, followed by a mezcal tasting at dedicated den Las Perlas. Pit stops for egg white cocktails, whiskey, and powerful rum-based drinks round out this boozy trail.

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Dinnerware Latest recipes


Give a gift that will add some spice to mealtime.Our Favorite DinnerwareBold patterns, bright colors, and don& 39;t forget the classics—there is a design to enliven any meal.AdvertisementAdvertisementFrances Palmer Scalloped PlatesMartha Stewart Hudson and Classic Band DinnerwareMartha Stewart& 39;s budget-friendly Hudson and Classic Band tableware pieces are easy to mix and match.

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Whole chicken on new cabbage New recipes

Whole chicken on new cabbage

The cleaned and washed chicken is boiled whole in salted water. Also in the same water we will put the whole carrot and an onion cut in half. Let it boil until the chicken is done in half. Finely chop the cabbage, rub with salt and put in the pot with the hot oil in which I first fried the finely chopped onion.

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5 Craveable Caramel Apples Latest recipes

5 Craveable Caramel Apples

Start with our basic caramel sauce, and customize with our tasty combos.Hummingbird Caramel ApplesStart Here: Ready Your ApplesPush a wooden craft stick into the tops of 8 small apples. Bring 1 cup sugar, ¼ cup light-colored corn syrup, and ¼ cup water to a boil in a medium, heavy saucepan, stirring until sugar dissolves.

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